Friday, January 4, 2013

Just Another Day

This week was rough as we tried to get back into our routine after the holiday madness. The girls and I spent two lazy days in PJs just playing. Keira is really getting the hang of tummy time. When propped up on her arms, she can tuck and roll over. She looks genuinely amazed and pleased with herself after she does so. She will look up at me like "Got ya!" She is still working hard to be able to push herself off the ground, and she is getting stronger everyday.

Big sis loves trying to help "Gaga" when she is on her mat. She is constantly kissing her, grabbing her head, giving her a bink, and overloading her with a million toys. If I leave the room for a second, it takes me a minute to dig Keira out from the carnage of toys she is buried under. Kay loves her sissy so much she wants her to have everything. Last night, as I was folding clothes, I watched as my water obsessed daughter poured a bottle of water on her little sister's chest to "give Gaga drink." My cat like reflexes were just not quick enough this time. She is hysterical, and she has been a great big sis.

Kay is coming to an age where she is starting to play more independently. She loves going in the playroom and quietly playing with her toys. She is truly into imitating Mommy and Daddy. She is a real helper and loves to do her chores. She explores everything. Her new interest is feeding baby. "I help you mommy."

I love the holidays, but man are they exhausting! We finally have the house back to looking like normal people actually live here rather than some dysfunctional, delusional hoarder from TLC. It took a few days, but the house is coming along. As much as it can come along with this little cutie tearing it up at every turn.

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  1. The breast pump parts pictures are too funny!! So sweet Kristin! ;)