Wednesday, January 30, 2013

This Time Around...

This time around everything feels different. I feel so much more relaxed and I am going with the flow when it comes to parenting. My days are filled with joy and happiness. The love I have to give is overwhelming at times when I look at my daughters. I have grown so much as a parent and a person since giving birth to my sweet Keira. 

When you have your first born, you want your child to be and do the best. I wanted my child to hit every milestone marker and I wanted her to hit those milestones early like that is the measure of good parenting or something equally ridiculous. With Keira, it is different. She is the baby of the family, and I want to preserve that feeling for as long as possible. 

This time around everything feels different.

Keira is my baby cakes, and I am content in keeping her that way as long as possible. I am not worried about the little things that I worried about with my Kay. When will she gain more head control, when will she be able to do a push up, when will she roll over, when will she sit up? She will do it when she is good and ready. I will be perfectly happy and proud of her no matter what she does and no matter when she does it. 

The past four months, I have truly just loved being with this baby every second of every day. I am just enjoying her being my baby. She is the happiest girl, and that is what matter to me.

This time around everything feels different. 

I have a new type of mother's intuition. I have more confidence, and I have decided what is important to me instead of reading what should be important to me. 

This time around, I am okay with waiting. I am not in a rush at all. We are going at our own pace, and I am loving it. We are holding off on starting our first foods because we are not quite ready for that yet even if our beloved pediatrician gave us the go ahead. We are still exclusively breastfeeding, and we decided that this is what we need right now. 

This time around, I am following my sweet baby Keira's cues, and I am a happier, more fulfilled mommy because of it. 

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  1. I could have actually written this post, you've spoken straight from my heart! Everything is so different the second time around!