Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Operation Nap Time

Well folks, it is official. Operation nap time has begun around here. We are gearing up for heading back to work so that means one thing... the honeymoon is over. The sleeping in late, the lazy days of napping in mommy's arms, and all of my other infant indulgences have to stop for a few weeks. Since I have to leave my sweet baby girl with someone else, I have to be rigid to get her on a nice schedule. It shouldn't take long... and I already can't wait to break my own rules.

No more vibrating naps for a few days
No more swinging naps for a while
No more naps for... oh wait, how did that get in there?
If I know she is adjusted to a schedule, it will help ease my mind when I am gone in so many ways. It will make it easier for her caretaker to know what she needs and when. Since she will be losing spending the day with me, I want to replace my security with a routine that she will be able to feel secure in. She will know what to expect so she feels safe and happy. She will get the sleep, rest, and playtime she needs. This will all make for one happy, healthy and well adjusted baby. Blah, blah, blah...let's just call this what it is. I am her mother and want to do all of the decision making for my girl. I guess that is the control freak in me. This is me controlling what happens while I am away. A working girl has to make it work somehow right?

Since she was born, I have kept a consistent night time schedule and routine, and she falls asleep like a champ. Every night, I put her to bed awake in her crib between 8:00 and 8:30 and she falls asleep on her own! Yesterday, her first day of nap training felt very easy. She took two naps in her crib and fell asleep on her own both times right away! The problem is ... sometimes she fakes me out and makes me think she is sleeping ... then she wakes up after 30 minutes. After letting her cry less than 5 minutes, she was back to sleeping like an angel. Did I mention what a pleasant and good baby she is?

Are you sleeping in there?
So after one day, I am feeling good. This will be fairly easy, and it will make going back to work that much easier.

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  1. I remember preparing for work... I was almost ready to just get into my new routine but DREADING leaving my baby everyday! :) Best of luck!