Friday, January 11, 2013


Happy Friday blog land! I love Fridays! The hubby will be getting home soon and we have our weekends together. No work travel, no single parenting, no shenanigans...just good old family time. Tonight, we have some friends coming over for a play date and visit. Can't wait to see them!

Today, I visited the chiropractor for my second visit. Now, I have never, ever, ever been to a chiropractor. As a little girl, my mother would have to take me while she went for her visits and I was scarred for life as I watched a man in an old wood paneled room crack my mothers back and neck! I swore off chiropractic medicine for life! It was a scary sight.

After the birth of Keira, I have been trying to slowly but surely get back on the working out bandwagon. It seems like once I start making ground, I end up with an injury. My 32 year old body can't keep up with my young, Division 1 athlete mind. I will always see myself as this young, athlete capable of any workout or run I attempt. Too bad my body can't keep up. I have bad knees. And now, courtesy of my 32 year old, post baby body, I have a bad back. Trying to do too much to soon is my biggest downfall. Anyone with me?

After the gym one day, I started feeling shooting pain in my lower back and down my leg. My knee started killing me and I was so frustrated! So after a week or two of not being able to walk or bend over, I was desperate to feel better so I can get back in shape. Especially since, I will be returning to work soon. These work clothes aren't going to fit magically people. Anyway, I decided to try a chiropractor. I am so happy that I did!

The doctor is the sweetest woman, and visiting her office is like visiting the training room in my college lacrosse day - minus the pre-wrap headbands, red Rutgers sweatpants, and ten of my best friends laying around before practice with hangovers talking about exploits from the night before. The chiropractor uses a heating pad with stim on my back, ultrasound, stretching, and massage. It is like heaven. After two visits, my back pain has already subsided. My alignment was off, and this contributed to my back and knee pain. The way I carry my kids, carry the car seat, sleep... everything I do was contributing to my back pain... including having a weak core from not working out and giving birth! It is amazing how your body is all connected right down to your feet and arches. Anyone else have experience with chiropractic medicine? It is so NOT what I expected and I am so surprised and jacked!

Anyway, I am so excited. Nothing worse than feeling lousy, and I am looking forward to getting strong and fit again. Gotta be strong when you have a rapidly growing bundle of joy to lug around!

Speaking of ...

Have you ever seen such a cutie? Look at those eyelashes, those cheeks, those perfectly rosy lips. I could just eat her up. My little love.

Enjoy your weekend xoxo


  1. I just realized you went to Rutgers. Are you from NJ? My husband graduated from RU and was on the lax team, too! Small world. We both grew up in the same town and I spent many a college weekend visiting good old New Brusnwisck.

    My mother always was a huge believer in chiropractic medicine. I don't go regularly but have on occasion and it has always helped. Same as you- after birth of my daughter I tried to get back on the workout bandwagon. I majorly hurt my back and a few trips to the Chiro had me feeling so much better. I'm also a huge fan of acupuncture :)

  2. Just linked to your blog from Natasha's @ Schue Love! So glad I did, I have been contemplating going to the chiropractor for my back! All that flipping and flopping as a cheerleader... I am feeling it now! I guess carrying a almost 10 pound baby didn't do it much justice either!;) Enjoying reading your blog and I am a third grade teacher. I love finding teacher/mommy blogs! Going to catch up some more and by the way... your baby girl is BEAUTIFUL! :)

  3. She’s so beautiful! Congratulations for turning 6 months old! Anyway, it’s really heartbreaking when our body can’t keep up the way we wanted it to be. I think that’s common after giving birth. Good thing there are treatments available these days that helps us to ease our pain, such as chiropractic care. I agree with you. It looks scary at first, but when you make a go for it, it sure is rewarding.

    Shan Salas

  4. After pregnancy, your body is getting its shape back to normal since your uterus expanded. This is why we have to make sure that the mother has enough rest and receives meticulous care from the doctor. A regular consultation with a physical therapist will help you a lot in easing body pain. :)

  5. “ 32 year old, post baby body, I have a bad back.” - Isn't it a tragic when you wanted to do more but your body can't keep up? It's really a wise decision to visit a chiropractor, and I'm glad that you've done it despite the scary sight of chiropractic care you had in the past. I think the scary feeling is really part of our first impression. Anyway it's been months now, I hope you're feeling great and you we're able to come back to your workout routines. Enjoy! |Betsy Collyer @